Cause and Effect Essay That Will Get You an A

What Is a Cause and Effect Essay?

Cause and effect text is a common and wide-spread type of academic essay, but it can also be performed for some university and college subjects. So, let’s determine first a cause and effect writing definition. This type of assignment, it’s also known as a reason and result essay, is a text that defines a set of problems or a current issue and ponders which solutions can be offered to resolve it, prevent, or minimize the effects of some events and processes. Also, a cause effect definition implicates examining several events that are interconnected to explain and analyze the “whys” and “hows” of how something happened, its influence, and ways to fix it.

Cause and effect literary definition also means being able to identify a specific chain of events, that is, actions and consequences. There are dozens of various examples of cause and effect essays, starting from common issues of our everyday life, natural processes, and ending with serious problems brought on by humanity or other disasters.

What Structure to Follow to Compose a Coherent Essay?

Usually, a reason and result essay has a defined structure that guarantees you’ll cope with composing it with excellence. However, some problems can occur with its crafting due to a lack of awareness of the major subject, what prerequisites it has, and what it will lead to as a result. So, to perform a thought-out text, form a clear cause and effect outline, which should include:

  • An introduction part where you describe the event, general information about it, and what precedes its occurrence.
  • The main body that can be divided into two separate blocks — mentioning causations and providing evidence for the major ones, then explaining the secondary reasons. The second paragraph will state the outcomes by preserving the similar scheme — start with the key consequence, and move to the secondary causes.
  • A conclusion that will summarize the main points show ideas that you support. This block should make the final point for solving the main issue of the text.

Hints on How to Complete an Effective Cause and Effect Essay Organization

Before writing a cause and effect essay template, determine a key cause and effect thesis statement, illustrating a primary thought that forms the starting point. Let’s examine the following cause and effect essay example: “The way gadgets affect people” and then define how smartphones influence our lives, what we get from its usage, and why we have some problems due to this smart tool.

Our approximate plan will look like this:

  1. The statistics on how many people use smartphones. You can present a separate percentage for adults, teenagers, and children. So, here you can show at what age people start using phones, and how much time they spend on surfing the web and social media newsfeed scrolling.
  2. The main thesis stating a particular percentage rate that points to how many children have smartphones and their harmful effects on their health.
  3. The main body shows three main causes or reasons: it might be advertising of the latest phone models, desire to be cool and show off, desire to have a phone, and not to be dependent on parents.
  4. Next, you proceed to the three main outcomes of this issue: low physical activity, eye discomfort, social skills inhibition. However, we could enumerate tens of reasons and influences of gadgets on health, but you need to show no less than three major ones.
  5. In this block, you can offer your vision on how to fight the smartphone addiction by giving three solutions: entice them into sports, visit a psychologist, become a role model for your child, and so on.
  6. The last part is the conclusion — here, you stress attention to the problem’s importance by providing possible ways out to improve the situation.

You can use other cause and effect thesis examples, what’s more, you’ll notice that well-written texts have a similar structure, so you can adhere to this plan and create your essay with no problems. No matter what sources you’ll use, you can find any cause and effect essay examples middle school level, it won’t differ much, but the topic list may be more complex, that’s all.

Essential Tips When Working with a Cause and Effect Essay Sample

Because of this short guideline, we’re eager to show in detail how to write a cause and effect paper that will provide all the answers on the most frequent questions concerning the topic. You are aware that we’re judged by the cover, so the tutors will assess your text by your strong thesis statement and convincing answer on solving the issue. Therefore, you should remember that a powerful opening block and a solid conclusion will form the final impression of your text. Analyzing some eye-catching cause and effect essay sample texts, don’t forget to provide engaging background information for your reader to involve them in thinking and analyzing the examined problem while reading it.

Don’t overload your essay with a formal style, scientific data, and complex info to understand. Instead, make the text readable and clear for the majority who are aware of the mentioned issue. Try to be closer to the audience: provide simple examples from your life, analyze problems that are common for our society. It’ll engage more people to support your ideas. Remember, that is your main goal here, to leave no doubt on the reader’s mind as to how something happened.

To achieve the desired result, pay attention to the major goal of your essay — build it correctly whether you want to inform or dispute the given statements. Make a connection with readers by asking some questions to make them think and find possible causes and offering outcomes. Use this information that will be interesting for you too, don’t craft the essay just to submit it and forget about it. Here, you’re working to gain positive results and influence the readers too. When composing essays about cause and effect, always provide vivid and memorable instances that are up-to-date and really matter to society.

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