How to Write an Essay Fast: Tips to Craft a Last-minute Essay

The time is perceived in a specific way when you are a student. You always have less than you need; you can’t deal with your home assignments, work, and spend time with family or friends. Some students prefer to forfeit sleep and complete the tasks. But do you want to be sleep deprived on a daily basis? No need to sacrifice one of the most pleasant and necessary things to complete the homework. Hold on with asking, “then how to write an essay fast if the deadline is too close for comfort?” Read the article to get a clear picture of the fastest way to write an essay.

Pre-writing Process

It comes as no surprise that close deadlines make you feel anxious and stressed. Although it’s a default feeling, try to focus on your task, not the due date. The first rule of how to write an essay quickly is to calm down. A sober mind is the most helpful tool at your disposal. Try to visualize your assignment’s final version. Once you are confident and tranquil, it is time to start writing.

Step 1: Understand the Topic — Delve into It!

If you need to know how to write an essay fast, be it a lab report, literature review, or a term project, you have to become fully aware of the topic. Subjects can sometimes be tricky, so don’t hesitate to spend time to understand what you have to deal with. Research is crucial, and without it, you are unlikely to craft an influential piece. Depending on your academic level, you can spend some time carrying out research. However, the entire process usually doesn’t take more than twenty minutes.

Keep in mind that web resources are critical; there, you have to find relevant books or articles. To minimize the time spent finding evidence, go directly to Google Scholar. This web page is an old guard of online databases of academic works. You can find a plethora of articles there and also on JSTOR and ResearchGate.

Apart from that, try Wikipedia. No, we don’t mean you should use articles posted on Wiki when writing your work. The best thing about Wikipedia is that you can look at the sources used to create the article. The strategy is simple: find the right article in Wikipedia, jump at the bottom of it, and you will see the bibliography. With it, you can find authoritative information manually.

Step 2: Brainstorm Ideas and Make an Outline

When you have gotten the sources, it is time to brainstorm ideas you will develop within the essay. Doing that, you will approach the answer to the “How to write an essay fast” question. To make these ideas appealing, and to compose a persuasive essay, complete the following steps:

  • Identify the audience and its interests
    Think about your readers. Would they be interested in your topic? Would there be any discussions after the essay? If the audience is diverse, try to find the golden middle. Jot down what might be interesting and what might not. Consider adding aspects related to each side of the audience.
  • Ask your professor
    You lack time and want to know how to write an essay fast and easy, but look, we are living in a fast-paced environment, and everyone has to adapt. If your teachers are well aware of the Internet and are always in touch with students, why not give it a try? You can write an email asking about the audience and its preferences. Provide your educator with the ideas, and they will help you!
  • Narrow down the concepts
    Usually, essays have five paragraphs and do not exceed 550 words. It comprises an introduction, a body, and a conclusion, and has to describe the three points developed within body sections. If you have more than three main points, narrow down the list and choose specific ideas. When you have them, the work will be in full swing, which answers one of the most asked questions, “how to write a 5 paragraph essay fast.”

Now that you have a thesis, you can craft an outline. This plan serves as the heart that pumps the blood to different parts of your body and has numerous pipes. The outline is especially useful when writing extensive pieces. If you are always struggling with writing such tasks and wonder how to write a long essay fast, the outline is the solution. Why? It is an informative plan that makes you stay organized and avoid including irrelevant items. If your teacher doesn’t ask you to write an outline, you can compose it for your own purposes. Make it concise and clear, dividing it into paragraphs.

Step 3: Proceed to Write the Piece

Essays tend to be a real pain in the neck sometimes. Precisely, if you have to write about something that isn’t your cup of tea. That is why so many questions, like “How to write an essay fast” pop up on the Internet. Whether you are assigned to the topic or can choose it yourself, you can accelerate the writing process with a freewriting technique. Freewriting is a method that requires concentrating on writing solely, ignoring typos, and other errors. All you do is write the paper from A to Z. It boosts the brain and forces it to work faster. Freewriting is a superb method to complete the first draft.

Along with questions about composing last-minute tasks, students often ask how to type an essay fast. Believe it or not, typing is vitally important when you have to deal with bulks of assignments daily. If you type quicker than a regular person, you save plenty of time! To brush up your typing abilities, employ TypeRacer or 10fastfingers. These apps are entirely free.

Step 4: Examine the Piece

You are glad to finish the task swiftly, using the freewriting technique. However, that doesn’t mean that you are ready to submit it. We understand that you must complete your assignment ASAP. But to know how to write an essay quickly, you should consider completing all the critical steps. Don’t worry, editing and proofreading don’t require much time. So, during the next twenty minutes after completing the first draft, you have to:

  • Re-read your essay thoroughly
    You are free to read it loudly. Underline possible misspellings and other mistakes.
  • Take notes
    Jot down corrected words.
  • Pay attention to the overall coherence
    If there are phrases that don’t fit the context — erase them.
  • Use extra tools to polish the piece
    Grammarly and Hemingway are amazing apps that help with writing. Should you have any squinting or dangling modifiers, they will let you know about them.
  • Cite everything
    You have completed the task by yourself, relying on academic sources. To make sure there are no signs of plagiarism, you have to mention books and authors you used. There are several formatting styles to use, depending on the discipline. Use Citation Machine to compose proper in-text citations and a Works Cited page.

This article was created by professional academic writers who have been working with students for many years. Following this step-by-step guide, you will finish any writing task promptly.

However, sometimes students might ask how to write faster essays if nothing helps. In case you have followed the guidelines mentioned above, and this question still arises, you are probably experiencing writer’s block. If numerous attempts don’t give any results, you are encouraged to hire an expert writer. We will get the most competent person for your subject and craft an assignment of any academic level briskly. Turning to educational agencies are case-by-case situations, but why not use this opportunity and get a high-quality piece almost for free?

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