Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Cases

Reimbursement Policy

Our Company provides writing services of various academic papers and tries to perform them in the best way. Besides the impeccable performance of writing orders, we assume the responsibility of guaranteeing online security and safety for our clients. An opportunity to be refunded in particular cases raises the customers’ confidence in our company. When ordering copies and paying for them, our clients have to be sure that they will never lose money. Also, our refund policy allows customers to get full control over the ordering process. They can monitor the process of implementing orders and interrupt it at any moment. For that, it is enough to contact our customer service and express your decision. Our team is ready to assist customers in all matters 24/7 without holidays and breaks. So, what are the particular situations where customers are able to count on refunds and obtain the money return into their accounts?

Late Delivery of Orders

The cases when the admitted order is not fulfilled on time are rare but possible anyway. Usually, students order writing assignments when they are very limited in time and try to cope with the situation by handling the tasks to professional services like ours. Our team realizes quite well how crucial the timely and quality execution of orders is when students’ academic performance is at stake. Due to the expertise and competence of our corporate writers in most fields of science, the orders are carried out qualitatively and timely in the great majority of cases. However, some force majeure situations beyond our control might happen. If the written order is delayed, the customer has the right to get back all the payment done. Clients have to inform our company about the tardiness with order delivering using one of the available methods offered on our website. Make sure to be in touch with our employees within 24 hours after the order is done and delivered. The list of convenient ways of communication can be found in the Contact Us section.

If the delay with the order took place, the customer can decide to use the paper at will or ask for a further revision. In these cases, the refund cannot be claimed. For getting additional information, clients are free to get in touch with the representatives of our customer support.

If the reason for a paper delay was a late provision of the necessary guidance, instructions, or additional materials by the customer, the refund is also not possible. It is highly advised to read the ordering terms before submitting the order form. If the case of any difficulty, please notify our team about that as soon as possible.

Placement of Two Orders Instead of the Only One

It may happen that customers paid by mistake for more orders than they actually need with the same assignment. The most appropriate way to solve such an issue is getting in touch with the client support team. When doing that, please indicate which of the orders is intended to be paid.

Also, customers may be in doubt about the number of already placed orders. For clarifying the situation, contact the support team for getting details and a quick fix.

Double Payment for the Same Order

Such cases are also common, and our company recommends customers to contact us as soon as possible to find a solution and return their erroneous payments. For that, screenshots of a bank statement or a receipt from the online payment system that prove the transaction done will be needed. Our company will quickly review this case and assist in getting a refund within 12 hours.

If the client wants to cancel the order execution and get payment back, it is recommended to get in touch with our company using one of the methods mentioned in the Contact Us section. Please specify the reasons for such a decision, the chosen method of payment done, and the time of this transaction before our company confirms your request. The clients typically obtain a feedback within a couple of hours.

Quality of Content Is Not Satisfactory

Please read carefully the paper obtained. If you find it unsatisfactory for your academic purposes, contact us within three days after you received it. Please specify in your complaint all details why you consider it inappropriate, as well as the points that need to be changed. If you request an additional revision, our writers will review and proofread the copy at no charge. For that, you have up to two weeks after the paper delivery. After the revision is done, let us know whether any other text amendment is required within the next three days. If you are still not happy with the work done, please notify us about your reasons and explanations. You can use one of the provided methods of communication indicated in the Contact form. Our Resolution Department will review your claim and get back to you within 24 hours with our final decision.

If the customer misses to contact us within three days with the request for changes or a refund needed, the order is considered finished and approved by the client. In this case, the further money return is not possible.

When our company confirms a refund for the completed paper, we reserve the copyright for it. We have the right to use this document at our discretion. All copies written by our writers are checked by software for plagiarism detection. Once the entire paper or its part is published on a particular Internet resource, it cannot be removed from there. Still, it can be found by search engines.

A Suitable Writer Is Not Found for Your Order

Many writers work for our company. However, a case when all the appropriate authors are very busy and cannot take a particular order may happen. In this case, the customer will be notified when the best writer for the order becomes available. If we cannot find a solution, a replacement or money return will be offered to this customer.

When a client requests a revision, a different writer cannot be assigned for this order. If this author is not able to do it, our Resolution Department will consider the case and most probably offer a payment refund to the customer.

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