Drug Abuse Essay: Comprehensive Guide

Drug abuse is a sensitive subject that torments people of all ages and relates to health issues. Apart from that, it is a social problem that influences the increase in murder and theft rates. However, there is also the other side of the coin. Although most countries consider any substance a threat and ban it, many states start legalizing it. The reason is simple. Drugs may well serve as a recreational treatment for those who can’t wrestle with harsh disorders and illnesses. One might ask, “Isn’t the topic, self-contradictory?” It hugely depends on the type of drug abuse essay you have to write.

Before writing essays on drugs, try to determine your position. Do you support the use of marijuana in plausible cases, or are you completely against it? Or maybe both? That is crucial because several writing types require different approaches. For instance, an expository essay aims to express your own idea toward drugs and portray your argument connected to the topic. A drug abuse argumentative essay relies on ideas you provide the reader with when writing. Such arguments need to be credible, i.e., you have to carry out thorough research and include authoritative textual evidence.

Regardless of the type you choose for a drug abuse essay, it has one widely agreed structure. Let’s discuss it more in-depth.

Drug Abuse Essay Structure

This writing assignment usually doesn’t exceed more than 500 words. A drug abuse essay consists of the three indispensable parts that have to be present in any writing task. If your assignment is a 500-word essay, each of our sections will have approximately 100 words. About the core structure, it is as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Speaking of an introductory part, it consists of an opening sentence, background information, and a thesis statement. The latter is the most critical part of your essay, as it serves as a plan of what your drug abuse essay will be about. When writing it, you have to make sure the first part of your text is appealing and keeps the reader interested in the essay’s content. An opening statement (also a hook) oftentimes is a joke or anecdote. However, substance abuse essays aren’t the best things to laugh at; instead, think about some useful facts that will be good for the reader to know.

Body paragraphs are the sections where you develop your claims stated in a thesis statement. Remember that usually, there are three concepts a thesis statement emphasizes. Therefore, there should be three body sections, and each of them has to focus on a single element. As a rule, a body section has to have the following structure:

  • Topic sentence;
  • Evidence/explanation;
  • Short conclusion plus a transition phrase.

Pay attention to the sources you include. Make sure they are reliable and retrieved from authoritative web pages. You can find such evidence on Google Scholar, JSTOR, or similar online libraries and databases. Other than that, don’t forget to properly cite these sources. Check the right formatting style to get a clear picture of how in-text citations and a Bibliography page should look.

Finally, a conclusion is your opportunity to stamp your essay about drug abuse in the reader’s mind and motivate them to research the topic in the future. Make sure to rephrase the thesis, encapsulate the essential work’s components, and emphasize the topic’s significance. The last sentence is usually called a CTA (Call to Action), which motivates the reader to discuss the topic or delve into it.

Tricks to Write a Drug Essay

The following tips will help you compose a peerless piece. You are free to use them when writing essays.

  1. Before writing, identify what your arguments are. If you have more than three pieces, narrow your list down and make them more precise.
  2. Each body paragraph needs to be backed up by a credible source. Thus, your piece should ideally have three different sources.
  3. Diversify your writing by inserting various synonyms. Constant repetition of words will do you no good. Try to replace repetitive words with relevant equivalents.

If you have additional questions about drug essay writing, contact our team, and we will do our very best to answer them shortly!

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