American Dream Essay: the Ultimate Guide with Useful Tips

The United States has always been the desired place to settle. The country is widely agreed to be the most economically robust, with one of the highest living standards. The US is a relevantly young nation and has boosted its economy starting from the XX century. That is why more people aspire to taste US life. Many nations are gathered under one flag, and the education system tends to be one of the most appealing. Being a US student, you will write an American dream essay at least once. Apart from that, many American dream essay contests encourage the youth to explain their ideal life in the United States. The article aims to explain the essay’s purpose, topics related to it, and other useful tips.

What Is the American Dream Essay?

An American dream composition is a paper that describes how a student perceives their ideal life in this country. It might be vast, and you can write about nearly anything you like in the US.

What Does the Essay About the American Dream Look Like and How Do You Write It?

American dream papers have one structure and format. Regardless of what aspects you describe, your essay will have the following structure:

  • Introduction

Each and every piece starts with an opening sentence. It is also known as an attention-getter or a hook. Your work’s first sentence has to draw the reader’s attention. Many techniques can make the audience hooked. They can be written in the form of an anecdote, quotation, question, or a fact. The very last sentence of your introduction is a thesis statement. Speaking of an American dream assignment, it has to demonstrate what aspects of an American life you love the most and strive to attain.

  • Body

Usually, there are three body paragraphs. They consist of a topic sentence with the first point of the thesis statement, an explanation of that aspect with relevant examples, and credible data (if you write the American dream argumentative essay). When you are ready to proceed to the next paragraph, you have to provide a brief conclusion of the section, using different transitions.

  • Conclusion

The last section of your dream piece is the conclusion. The conclusion is divided into three parts: a thesis restatement, the encapsulation of the paper’s most focal points, and the topic’s personal significance. Likewise, you have to leave a remarkable impression, so ending a conclusion unfinished is a great way to motivate the readers to ask you about the ending.

Writing an American Dream Essay: Step-By-Step Guide

Writing can sometimes be burdensome and monotonous. That results in low quality and the final grade. If you want your essay to stand out, pay attention to the following tips that will speed up your writing process:

  1. Brainstorm
    Many professors state that people’s ideas that come to mind first when writing essays are mediocre and ordinary. You have to eliminate them and brainstorm once again. The ideas that appear during the second brainstorming session are unique. Still, they are frequent and won’t impress the teacher. If you wish to write an exclusive essay, you have to employ your ideas that come within the third session. In case you have enough time, you are highly encouraged to utilize this concept.
  2. Research the topic
    Your takes are essential because you have to write a personal statement. However, it is always a good idea to analyze the field and get familiar with the scholarly articles about the most prominent American life features that everyone pursues.
  3. Note down every idea
    You don’t have to worry about the number of aspects you have jotted down. You will have to narrow the list down to make your American dream essay accurate, comprehensive, and thought-provoking.

American Dream Essay Outline

An outline is one of the most useful elements of a successfully written essay. Although it tends to be not a compulsory component, it is always a great idea to craft such a layout. The thing is, the outline points the direction you have to follow to compose a peerless piece. Also, it helps you stay organized and avoid adding redundant information to the essay.

Usually, teachers don’t ask to craft an outline. So the structure of this item is free. However, we strongly advise you to stick to the following model outline:

Topic: Benefits of the American Dream


Although the United States is a young country, its history is impressive. People had long been fighting for their rights, shedding blood, protesting, and striving to have an improved life. In my opinion, the American dream is full of opportunities.

The thesis statement

But the three most vital ones for me are the opportunity to grow in friendly society, to self-develop, and to be free.

Body sections

The opportunity to grow in a friendly society makes me value human beings and be kind to all people.

Living in the US, I have plenty of options to enlarge my expertise areas by working with astute people and studying at educational institutions.

The United States is looked at as a country free of fear. Wherever a person goes, they are met accordingly. American values do not nurture anger and hatred.


  • Thesis rephrased
    America is a country full of opportunities. It helps people advance and provides an honorable life for those who work hard.
  • Call to action
    Myriads of people consider the American dream as an affluent and successful life. However, the concept of such a dream goes way deeper into genuine human interactions, reciprocal respect, and real happiness.

Best American Dream Essay Topics

  1. Is success always about money? Has the American dream changed its priorities?
  2. Cultural diversity. Explain the benefits of interacting with different nationalities.
  3. Most salient attributes. Focus on the most noticeable aspects the foreign students and people spot when visiting the US.
  4. Hard work within ages. Mention how hard people worked on making the US a great place to live. Go through different aspects: social, cultural, financial.
  5. Global peacekeeper. State how America handles different problems occurring in other countries. Does it do the right thing or not? Why?
  6. Tertiary education. Is it worth to pay money and/or take the loan to get the desired degree?
  7. Debunking the myths. Why is the US wrongly portrayed in specific countries? What can be the counterarguments to their opinions?
  8. Helping to decide. What should newcomers focus on when moving to the US?
  9. Compare and contrast. How has the American Dream changed within the years of its existence?
  10. Free topic. Pick three the most critical aspects of the American dream for you and explain them, backing them up with reliable sources.

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